How to Get Verified on X (Twitter) in 2024

What Is a Verified Twitter Account?

A Verified X account on Twitter shows up with a blue checkmark, meaning it’s linked to an active X Premium subscription. 

Since April 1, 2023, you need to be an X Premium member to get verified. Your account should have a profile photo and name, be used at least once in the last 30 days, and have a verified phone number. 

Twitter checks to make sure accounts aren’t breaking any rules or trying to mislead anyone before giving out the checkmark. If you slip up or your account seems shady, you could lose that blue checkmark.

Additionally, here are some other things you must know about Twitter verification:

  • The verified symbol is always the same shape with a white checkmark. The color might change depending on your business type.
  • Verification doesn’t mean X (Twitter) endorses you. The badge just shows that you have a Premium subscription on the platform.
  • You’ll always find the verification badge next to your username on your official account, in your tweets, and in search results.

Why Do You Need an X (Twitter) Verified Account?

If X (Twitter) is one of your go-to social media platforms, getting a blue badge can be a good way to give your account a boost and support your social media strategy. 

Here’s why you need a verified account on X (Twitter):

  • Show you’re real and trustworthy:  Some categories are more vulnerable to impersonation than others, such as activists, political leaders, and journalist accounts reporting on critical issues. Despite being a paid feature, an X badge signals that the platform has vetted your account, which lets your followers, fans, or customers know they are interacting with the real you.
  • Quickly spot, report, and fix issues: Having your Twitter account verified gives you an advantage when handling problems. If someone tries to impersonate you or spread false information, your verified status makes it easier to report and resolve these issues.
  • Get more attention and visibility: Official accounts often get more attention on X. Your tweets and replies are more likely to be noticed, leading to more followers and engagement. It’s a great way to amplify your voice and reach a larger audience.
  • Connect and collaborate with more creators and brands: Other creators and brands may be reluctant to connect and collaborate with you if they’re unsure whether you’re the real deal. Having X verify your account adds an extra layer of credibility and increases your chances of establishing partnerships.
  • Access special features: Verified accounts get access to advanced analytics, custom profile options, and early access to new features. Plus, you may be invited to participate in special programs or promotions, making your experience on the platform even more unique and powerful.

What Are the Types of X (Twitter) Verification?

On April 1st, 2023, X (Twitter) replaced its original legacy verification program with the infamous Twitter Blue subscription. 

Since then, the platform has updated its verification system to include various checkmark colors in addition to the standard blue. This is supposed to help users tell the difference between verified accounts.

Remember, only X can verify accounts and give you a badge, which means you can’t rely on other third party apps to do this for you.

Here are the types of X (Twitter) verification badges:

  • Blue check
  • Gold check and square profile picture
  • Gray check
  • Affiliation badges
  • Automated account labels

A. Blue Check on X (Twitter)

The infamous blue checkmark is for individuals or organizations with an active X Premium subscription. 

X (Twitter) Blue Badge on Gordon Ramesy's Profile


Unlike the old system, these accounts aren’t reviewed based on active, notable, and authentic criteria, showcasing X’s transition toward a subscription-based model for verification.

However, this didn’t stop the platform from assigning blue check marks for free to its most followed users. Despite that, you still need to let Twitter verify your account to ensure you’re meeting all the necessary criteria.

B. Gold Check & Square Profile Picture on X (Twitter)

The gold checkmark is for official organization accounts. It confirms the account’s authenticity and makes it clear to users that it represents an official institution.

Gold Check & Square Profile Picture on X (Twitter)


This type of verification also comes with a square profile picture, which, according to X representatives, is meant to let businesses distinguish their brands and key employees.

C. Gray Check on X (Twitter)

The gray checkmark is designated for government agencies and their officials. It applies to various government levels, both national and local, including heads of state, cabinet members, embassies, and military leaders.

Gray Check on X (Twitter)


Here are the categories that are eligible for a gray check on X (Twitter): 

  • Government organizations: Main executive office accounts, agency accounts overseeing specific policy areas, main embassy and consulate accounts, parliamentary and committee accounts, etc.
  • State and local government organizations: Executive office accounts, agencies that tackle crisis response, law enforcement, public safety, and regulatory issues, etc.
  • Individuals: Heads and deputy heads of state (presidents, monarchs, prime ministers, vice presidents, deputy prime ministers), national-level cabinet members or equivalent, members of national congress, parliament, or their equivalent, official spokespeople, etc.
  • Multilateral organizations and individuals: Headquarters-level accounts, regional-level and country-level accounts, and the accounts of the head and deputy head of the multilateral organization, etc.

D. Affiliation Badges on X (Twitter)

Affiliation badges extend the verification system by linking individual accounts to verified organizations.

Affiliation Badges on X (Twitter)


These badges must include the organization’s profile photo to add context and showcase the individual’s connection to the already verified entity.

NOTE: In all cases, Twitter may independently confirm qualifying affiliation through business partnerships or direct outreach:

E. Automated Account Labels on X (Twitter)

X (Twitter) is also testing automated account labels to mark bot accounts, which generate automated content. 

Automated Account Labels on X (Twitter)


This label helps users distinguish between human-generated content and AI, which helps the fight against misinformation.

How to Apply for an X (Twitter) Verification Badge in 5 Steps

If you’re not a government official, you’re likely after the blue checkmark on X (Twitter), and getting it has never been easier.

Here’s how to request verification on X (Twitter):

  1. Get an X (Twitter) premium subscription
  2. Complete your profile
  3. Be active on the platform
  4. Confirm your phone number
  5. Wait for your account to get verified

1. Get an X (Twitter) Premium Subscription

First, subscribe to X Premium or ensure your subscription is active. Premium subscriptions start at $8/months.Creating an X (Twitter) Premium Account

Additionally, if you have over 2500 verified subscribers, you will get access to premium features free of charge. If you have over 5000 verified subscribers, you’re eligible to get X Premium+ for free.

2. Complete Your Profile

Next, make sure your profile is complete. This means having a display name and profile photo, which serve as your ID on X (Twitter). 

X (Twitter) Profile Completion

Here are some tips for creating a strong profile for X (Twitter) verification:

  • Profile photo: Use a recent, recognizable photo of yourself or your brand logo.
  • Cover photo: Select or create a cover image that reflects your personal or brand identity.
  • Bio: Craft a concise bio that showcases your role or influence in your field.
  • Website: Including a website link can add more credibility and context to your profile.

Also, remember that X (Twitter) values stability, so ensure you haven’t made recent changes to your profile photo, display name, and X (Twitter) handle.

3. Be Active on the Platform

X (Twitter) makes it clear that only active accounts can get verified status, so ensure you’ve been active on the platform recently. If you haven’t posted in over a month, it’s time to queue up your tweets. 

However, avoid spamming or any behavior that looks like you’re cheating the system. Remember, your premium subscribed account must be over 90 days old to qualify for verification, so consistent activity over time is important.

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