Social Media Statistics You Should Know in 2024

2. Instagram Usage Statistics

  1. Instagram usage remains robust, with users highly engaged on the platform. On average, users spend about 30 minutes per day on Instagram, reflecting its role in daily social media activity​​. 
  2. The platform is particularly popular for visual content, with 500 million daily active users engaging with Instagram Stories​​. 
  3. Monthly, users spend an average of 12 hours on Instagram, indicating strong user retention and interaction​. 
  4. Additionally, 90% of users follow at least one business account, showcasing the platform’s importance for brand engagement​​. 
  5. Instagram is also the 5th most visited website globally, highlighting its widespread popularity.

3. Instagram Engagement Statistics

  1. Engagement on Instagram is notably high, driven by its visual and interactive content. Posts on Instagram see an average engagement rate of 1.22%, higher than many other social media platforms​​. 
  2. Instagram Reels, introduced as a competitor to TikTok, have seen tremendous success, generating twice the reach of other post types. 
  3. Each day, Instagram users like 4.2 billion posts, comment 95 million times, and share millions of Stories​. 

4. Instagram Business Statistics

  1. Businesses heavily utilize Instagram for marketing and customer engagement. Over 25 million business profiles are active on Instagram, with more than 200 million users visiting at least one business profile daily​​. 
  2. Approximately 60% of users discover new products on Instagram, underlining its importance for brand discovery​. 
  3. Additionally, 75% of users take action, such as visiting a website or making a purchase, after viewing a brand’s post​. 
  4. Instagram’s shopping features, including Instagram Shops, have also seen widespread adoption, facilitating direct purchases from the app​.

5. Instagram Advertising Statistics

  1. The platform’s ad reach is over 1.628 billion users, providing advertisers with a vast audience​​. 
  2. More than 80% of marketers advertise their products on Instagram.
  3. Ads on Instagram have an average click-through rate of 0.58%, higher than the average for other social media platforms​​. 
  4. Video ads, including Stories ads, drive higher engagement, with video content seeing a 38% higher engagement rate than image posts​. 

X (Twitter) Statistics You Need to Know

X, formerly known as Twitter, continues to be a significant player in the social media landscape in 2024. With a diverse user base and extensive global reach, X remains a critical platform for individuals, businesses, and advertisers. 

Here are the most important X statistics you need to know:

1. X User Demographics

  1. As of 2024, X has a diverse 556 million user base with distinct demographic characteristics. 
  2. The platform’s users are predominantly male, making up 63% of the user base, while female users account for 37%​. 
  3. The largest age group on X is users aged 25-34, representing 38.5% of its demographic, highlighting the platform’s appeal to young adults​. 
  4. X’s global reach is significant, with high user numbers in the United States, Japan, and India, indicating its widespread international appeal​​. 
  5. Additionally, the platform has been noted for its varied user interests, ranging from news consumption to entertainment and business updates. 

2. X Usage Statistics

  1. X remains a major player in the social media landscape with substantial usage statistics. 
  2. The platform is projected to see a decline, with daily active users expected to drop to 335.7 million by the end of the year​​. 
  3. Despite this, users spend an average of 34.1 minutes per day on X, reflecting strong engagement levels​. 

3. X Engagement Statistics

  1. Engagement on X is driven significantly by multimedia content. Tweets that include videos attract ten times more engagement than those without, underscoring the importance of visual content in user interactions. 
  2. Each day, users watch approximately 8 billion videos on X, highlighting the platform’s capacity to captivate its audience through video content​.

4. X Business Statistics

  1. X is a great tool for businesses looking to engage with their audience. Business accounts on X have reported high levels of user engagement, with 53% of users likely to purchase new products from brands they follow on the platform​.
  2. Last year, X experienced a 5% decrease in average CPM and a 27% decrease in average cost-per-conversion.

5. X Advertising Statistics

  1. Advertising on X offers significant reach and engagement opportunities. The platform enables advertisers to potentially reach 330 million users globally, making it a powerful tool for marketing campaigns​​. 
  2. Promoted Tweets with video content, a popular advertising format, achieve over 50% higher engagement rates compared to standard Tweets, illustrating their effectiveness​. 
  3. Twitter has an annual ad revenue of $1.41 billion and an ad view time is 26% higher than other leading platforms.

YouTube Statistics You Need to Know

As the second largest search engine, YouTube continues to dominate as a premier platform for video content, with extensive reach and engagement.

Here’s what YouTube statistics you need to know:

1. YouTube User Demographics

  1. YouTube’s user base is vast and diverse, reflecting its global reach. As of 2024, YouTube boasts nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users, making it one of the largest social media platforms globally​.  
  2. The gender distribution is relatively balanced, with 54.4% male users and 45.6% female users​. 
  3. The largest age group on YouTube is users aged 25-34, who account for 20.7% of its demographic, followed closely by the 18-24 age group at 15%​​. India leads with the largest number of active users, followed by the United States and Brazil​. 
  4. YouTube’s international presence is strong, with substantial user bases in multiple countries, making it a truly global platform.

2. YouTube Usage Statistics

  1. YouTube remains a powerhouse in online video consumption. On average, users spend about 40 minutes per session on YouTube, indicating deep engagement​. 
  2. The platform sees over 1 billion hours of video watched daily, highlighting its role as a leading source of video content​. 
  3. YouTube Shorts, a feature introduced to compete with TikTok, sees 70 billion daily views, showing rapid adoption and user interest​. 

3. YouTube Engagement Statistics

Engagement on YouTube is driven by its extensive video library and user interaction features. 

The average engagement rate on YouTube is 4.62%, higher than many other platforms​. Videos on YouTube see significant interaction, with users liking, commenting, and sharing content regularly​. 

4. YouTube Business Statistics

  1. Over 3 million US content creators and channels are active on YouTube, with many using the platform to drive business goals. 
  2. Approximately 62% of businesses use YouTube to post video content, highlighting its importance in digital marketing strategies. 
  3. YouTube helps about 90% of users discover new brands or products, emphasizing its role in brand discovery and customer acquisition. 
  4. Additionally, YouTube’s shopping features, such as product links in videos, facilitate direct purchases from the platform, with 70% of users making purchases after seeing a product in a video.

5. YouTube Advertising Statistics

Advertising on YouTube offers substantial reach and engagement opportunities. YouTube’s ad reach extends to over 2.5 billion users, providing advertisers with a vast audience​​ of almost 31.5% of world’s population.

Here are some interesting numbers about YouTube advertising:

youtube statistics 2024


Advertisers benefit from precise targeting options, enabling them to reach specific demographics effectively​​. 

LinkedIn Statistics You Need to Know

LinkedIn continues to be the go-to platform for professional networking and business engagement.

Here are some interesting LinkedIn statistics for 2024:

1. LinkedIn User Demographics

  1. In 2024, LinkedIn has over 1 billion members worldwide, reflecting its significant reach among professionals​​. 
  2. The platform’s gender distribution shows a slight male majority, with 57% male users and 43% female users​. 
  3. The largest age group on LinkedIn is users aged 25-34, accounting for about 50% of the user base, followed by users aged 35-54, who make up approximately 21%​. 
  4. The United States leads with the highest number of LinkedIn users, followed by India and China​. 
  5. LinkedIn’s appeal is particularly strong among professionals and businesses, making it a key platform for career development and industry networking.

2. LinkedIn Usage Statistics

  1. LinkedIn usage is focused on users highly engaged in professional content and networking. On average, LinkedIn sees over 310 million monthly active users, with significant daily interaction​​. 
  2. Users spend an average of 17 minutes per session on LinkedIn​​. 
  3. Monthly, users engage with over 9 billion content impressions, showcasing LinkedIn’s capacity for content distribution​​. 
  4. Mobile devices account for 57% of LinkedIn traffic, so it’s super important to focus on mobile-friendly content.

3. LinkedIn Engagement Statistics

Engagement on LinkedIn is driven by professional and industry-specific content. The average engagement rate on LinkedIn posts is 2.61%, higher than many other professional platforms​​. 

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